Briston Brooks

Major: B.S in Hospitality Management
Minor: Professional Writing
May 2016 Graduate


I took Writing 350: Digitial Writing because I thought that it would be a very interesting and fun class . I also have chosen the minor in professional writing, therefore this was one of the few writing classes that I could choose to take to complete that minor. I felt that having a minor in professional writing would help me with the career goals that I have set for myself. I love technology because it allows you to express yourself and work.

Writing 350 really made me think outside of the box . Each project that we were given to  completed in this class was done individually and were all my thoughts and ideas. I tried to use a different platform for each project to mix things up and try something different so that I could expand my knowledge of different websites and tools. I used WordPress, PowerPoint, Prezi, and Quicktime for most of my projects in this course. I have put together each of the projects from this semester on this site to show what I have learned over the course of the semester.


Brooks writing350 blog

Blogs are not really my thing so when we had to start blog I was a bit scared. After writing my first blog I learned that there is no right nor wrong way to blog. Blogging is all about what you feel and how you want to express yourself. Before this class I had never really blogged, I mean I use Facebook and Twitter which is somewhat like a blog in that you can express yourself through words.The blogs we had to do were different from week to week.I feel that the blogs each week helped us to get ready for our big assignments.

III. Prezi


I really enjoy using the website Prezi. I feel that Prezi is useful for presentation of any kind. Prezi allows you to do so much more than powerpoint which is the main reason I enjoy using the website. Prezi lets you pick a layout and lets you adjust the layout, formate, and many other things that you can’t do with power point.

I loved this project because I got to combine twitter with prezi which was very interesting. For this project I thought that it was cool that we had to demonstrate how to use a certain website. Most people in class are really good with technology which is what mad this such fun project.Having to do this project with the mindset that know one knows how to use twitter really made me take out time myself to learn things that I didn’t know.

IV. Pinterest Tutorial Video

For this project I had to use YouTube, iMovie, and Quicktime player. Having to combine all three of this resources was challenging and frustrating. Also when the project was first introduced I thought we would have to be in front of the camera which freaked me out a little because I’m camera shy.Luckily for this project we had so many different options on how we wanted to present our video tutorial. Since I’m camera shy I decided to use Quicktime player to get different screen captures of the website twitter. Along with screen captures I used screen recordings to explain my screen captures. This allowed me to not have to be in front of a camera.This project took sometime because I had to make sure that my tone, speech, and articulation were great. Not only that, but making sure that I was explaining things along with navigating the website the correct way.

V. Usability Proposal

Usability test report

The usability proposal would have to be the most difficult assignments out of all of our assignments. Finding a website to critique was very hard because most of the websites that I use are ones that I can navigate through quickly. I decided that I wanted to use the clothing website Alfred Sung. I figured that clothing and shopping website (if not properly laid out) frustrate people when they can’t find what they need.

I never used the website Alfred Sung. I found it while on another clothing website and decided to take a look.I was very unsatisfied with everything about the website. I found many things that needed to be changed on the website to make it user-friendly as well as easy to navigate. I felt that this assignment will come in hand for my career in hotel industry.





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