Blog 3

By The Numbers: 170+ Amazing Twitter Statistics

Twitter for those who may not know is a social website that keeps you updated and connect with the world. Through twitter you can find out what your friends or famous people are doing as well as whats going on in the world. The website is a great source that explains what twitter is all about. The article from the website called “ By The Numbers: 170 Amazing Twitter Statistics” states that twitter sees more than 100 million users daily. I could use this source for my project by using the numbers given about daily use, demographic of users and how it stacks up against other social network sites. Visually I could make graphs to show the numbers for each topic that I choose to use. Also this source gives a look at tweet stats, twitter advertising stats, Twitter for business stats, twitter mobile stats, twitter user & demo stats. All these things I feel are important for my project because they give statistics. This source is very credible because it has when everything has been last updated. With use of this source I am able to understand and explain more about twitter to the class.



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